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We have committed ourselves to the principle of making sure that remuneration disparity that is unjustifiable must be rectified. It is the task of the union to address disparities that are perpetuated by Man com. This disparity does not only exist between Academics, Research, Professional and Administrative Staff, it equally exist among Academics, Researchers, Professionals, and Administrators.  It is a serious concern. We want to make it clear that we will attend to all the unjust disparities.

However, there are obvious cases that we must attend to. For instance, Academics at CEDU and CHS are the lowest ranked in terms of remuneration. Let us compare CHS and CEDU against CLAW.  A Junior Lecturer in CHS and CEDU need an Honours Degree, while at CLAW the same degree makes you a Lecturer.

In our long struggle of Academic Grading we therefore ask the Deans and College Management of the said Colleges to use the University General Criteria of Promotions and Criteria as a standard for all. We are not  encouraging any form of  lowering of standard, but rather that a Junior Lecturer in CHS and CEDU be automatically lifted to P8, Lecturer to P7, Senior Lecturer to P6, Associate Professor to P5, and Professor to P4. The disparity between Academics of the same qualifications and workload must be attended to immediately. We will arrange a meeting with the Deans of the said Colleges; including Prof Maré, in order to address this before the end of this financial year.

After all, ‘My own mother always taught me that fairness is a family value-I think equal pay is about fairness for everyone’ (Mike Honda).

Yours in the struggle against inequality,

BB Senokoane

APSA: General Secretary

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