Donations of tinned food.

APSA and the Young Extraordinary  Achievers initiative appeals to you for donations of tinned food.

Here is the background. It has always been a subject for discussion among the Union members to support an existing or launch a new charity initiative in support of poverty relief.  So when I was approached by a group of Unisa Social Work students to help their charity, I thought this was an initiative worth investigating.  The students are involved in a charity called  Young Extraordinary  Achievers. They are active in Mamelodi, mostly around the Mandela Village area (and you can see that they don’t suffer from a lack of self-belief).  I have verified their registration as a charity (you are welcome to come and inspect their constitution and registration certificate in the APSA office), and also the fact that a number of Unisa students, most from the Social Work department, are active in the YEA.  They are already engaged in several projects, and it would be best as a start for us to contribute to the food distribution project.  To avoid problems of ageing and lessening the complications of transport (that I will provide during December) a contribution of tinned foods will be the most convenient.

The name of APSA will be featured and displayed, and since we see this as merely the beginning of a cooperation between APSA and the YEA, and similar organisations in other townships and suburbs.

So our appeal is for you to please donate tins of food.

You can deliver it to the APSA union offices, in SP3-49, or phone the numbers below, or Vanessa on 083 644 5766.  We will try to collect, by pre-arrangement.

Or, you can deliver to my office in building 12-C, Sunnyside campus, room G-6.

Arrangements are in place at both for the collection and temporary storing of these donations.

I have spoken to Prof Makhanya and he is in full support of this initiative.

I thank you in advance.

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