The Academic and Professional Staff Association (APSA UNI-SA) of the Universities of South Africa is a registered trade union. APSA is an independent, a-political and autonomous union and is entirely self-funded. APSA UNI-SA is a proud founding member of South African Federation Trade Union(SAFTU) founded 21-23 April 2017.


Important Documents




Aims And Objectives

  • (i). To promote the interests of members in relation to employers;
    (ii). To improve the wages and working conditions of all workers in the Tertiary and Higher Education Sector, Research and Development Sectors and/ or related industries and/or staff attached to the mentioned sectors including the organised and every un-organised worker in our sector or attached to our sector and scope;
    (iii). To strike legally without fear of dismissal, to picket and to participate in secondary strikes and protest action, to promote or defend the socio-economic interest of workers;
    (iv). To fight against arbitrary and unfair dismissal of workers;
    (v). To resist retrenchment and fight for full employment;
    (vi). To fight for adequate social security from the state and from employers;
    (vii). To enter into collective bargaining forums for the purpose of negotiating and entering into collective agreements with employers and associations of employers.
  • (i). To support the spirit and principle of democracy in allthe union's activities;​
    (ii). To build a strong and democratic organisations of workers at the workplace;
    (iii). To build strong and active shop-steward structures to ensure democratic worker control;
    (iv). To achieve full and effective participation by workers in all decision-making affecting them in the workplace;
    (v). To end all forms of discrimination in employment;
  • (i). To unite all workers in the Tertiary and Higher Education Sectors and/ or related industries and/ or staff attached to the mentioned sectors within one Union;
    (ii). To encourage within workers spirit of trade union unity;
    (iii). To create one federation of trade unions to represent all workers in South Africa;
    (iv). To build solidarity between workers and unions in different countries;

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